About the album

Shalom and welcome to the Family Album System. The system documents the people who lived in Rishon Le-Zion during the first forty years (1882-1922) and retells the stories behind their contribution to the developing village.

The Family Album was created after deep ongoing inquiry, which is based on documents from the historic archive of the Museum of Rishon Le-Zion.

The first couple to arrive and live for at least two years in the village is considered the primary source from which three generations are counted. The first three generations are fully documented in entirety and include all .personal data. Only the names of the fourth generation are listed

The Family Album project, which is growing and expanding, is made possible thanks to the generous donation of Sir Arthur Gilbert.

There are several paternal houses, which are recorded in their entirety. On the other hand, there are those not yet completed and others still lacking a lot of information. We would greatly appreciate receiving any new information as well as comments and corrections. Enclosed please find the contact form for this purpose.

In the Family Album there are two systems of localization:
A) Locating personality and cross-checking data – obtaining personal screen including all biographical details and life activities of each person appearing in the system. It is possible to type in the family and/or first name, complete or partial, and press search. If the name does not come up, it is possible to try different spellings or letter combinations. If the correct spelling is unknown, one can obtain the list of all the names (family or first) beginning in that letter desired.

On the personal screen, not only personal data and a photograph outlined in red appear, but also paternal family, which includes the person’s family tree. Later on we can also see the person’s life activities and course of life (if the information has been completed) as well as photographs and documents of special importance. Sometimes, these include stories, which have been passed on in the family over the years and are not classified as documented information.

Please notice: Among the biographical details appearing on the personal screen, there is the category “Place of Residence” which relates to the period of the first forty years of the village and not to present address.

Through cross-checking data we can obtain the list of people included on a certain or desired category. For example, by typing in a certain year of birth and a certain burial place and then pressing “search”, a list of all the people belonging to that certain category will appear.
It is possible to cross-check between all the listed variables. With several of the categories there is a list from which the desired variable can be made.

B) Group lists – there are lists of groups which give expression to important events which took place during the village’s history and development beginning with the list of Members in the Committee of Vaad Halutzeh Yesod Hamaalah (the committee which declared the establishment of Rishon Le-Zion), and on through to the list of the founding fathers, heads of the village/city, those who filled important positions and Aliya (immigrant) groups, and ending with Rishon Le-Zion’s honorary citizens. Each list includes a short introduction, photograph or typical document and list of names of the persons of that particular group.
It is possible to obtain the personal screen of each person in the group by pressing each of the names, aside from who were not included in the list of the citizens of Rishon Le-Zion.

Sources: (only in the Hebrew version)
There are two sources in the Family Album (only in the Hebrew version):
1. List of general sources, which include information from the museum historic archive, and their appropriate markings on which the research work is based, as well as a bibliography list.

2. A specific source list, which appears in the Paternal Family after the Landmarks category.

Roots research works (only in the Hebrew version)

In the album there are chosen excerpts from the Roots project researched and written by Junior High School pupils from Rishon Le-Zion. The pupils are descendants of families recorded in the family album and their works serve as a continuation of the original first documentation.

“Contact form”
We would be grateful to receive through the contact form any comments and/or corrections of the existing material and any additional information, which is still missing in the album, from descendants documented in it.

Clarification: Some of material included in the Family Album was obtained from interviews carried out with family members in order to be published in the album.
Any family member who wishes to remove his personal details from the Internet is requested to notify through the contact form.

The Computerized Family Album is the result of the unique initiative taking by the Museum of Rishon Le-Zion.

You can use the material appearing in the Album.
Please make notification of the source.

Initiation, research and writing: Tirtsa Haviv Green